Year End Party 2022 - The Greatest Night Party




The year 2022 ended with lots of wonderful emotions and sucesses, Sally Beauty Co. organized the Year End Party 2022 (YEP 2022) in Ho Chi Minh City on January 7th, 2023. On the same day, a birthday party was secretly held for the CEO Sally Beauty Co. – Ms. Sally Huong.

The Greatest Night Party 2022 - Huong Sac

The Greatest Night Party, named “Huong Sac”, was organized successfully. This is also a promising new page for an explosive 2023 for Sally Beauty Co. & iDr.Skin, as well as distributions and customers. Contributing to this monumental event was the participation of the leadership, Ho Chi Minh office’s members and Western office’s members in luxurious evening dresses with the main dress code of red and purple colors.


It was more appreciated when there were special guests who are the family and relatives of CEO Sally Huong and Director Dao Thanh Hai; Sally Beauty’s partners and customers came to attend. During YEP 2022, there were many emotional moments for the Sally Beauty Co. when they shared their feelings and thoughts for the past year, passed the challenge together, and reached their goals together.

The great year 2022

The Year End Party allows each member to reflect on the past year and the specific accomplishments they achieved. The year 2022 was turbulent with challenges and difficulties, but after all, everything is rewarded with success, achieving the set goals with impressive numbers.

  • Successfully organized 5 explosive events.
  • More than 100 people work in three branch offices: HCMC, Hanoi, and Western
  • More than 3000 partners and customers have trusted and accompanied Saly Beauty nationwide.

Each success reflects not only the director's board's dream but also the desire and effort of every member of the Sally Beauty team, who work tirelessly every day to provide quality solutions for Vietnamese skin. These efforts will continue to be a "launching pad" for Sally Beauty and & iDr.Skin to reach out together in 2023.

Special performances

What could be more wonderful when the party atmosphere is filled with laughter thanks to the impressive performances? These are also small contests for employees of Sally Beauty Co. with extremely attractive rewards. Not only are the members good at their professional work, but they also show their artistic talents in both acting, singing and dancing.

A colorful stage with different emotions is fully expressed at the Year End Party 2022. Each department and member were linked, had fun together, and formed a strong and enthusiastic team.

Honoring exceptional people

At the same time, Sally Beauty’s Board of Directors honored outstanding individuals who have dedicated themselves to 2022.

  • Staff achieves excellent performance.

  • Employees achieve excellent sales.

  • Leader achieves excellent results.

  • Dedicated staff.

A memorable moment for each individual to look back on their success and growth in a turbulent year.

A special birthday celebration for CEO Sally Beauty Co.

At the beginning of the party, the guests still went to the table and chatted with each other, waiting for the party to take place. Right after the opening performance, the lights went out. The birthday song sounded and the happy birthday clip appeared on the screen. The main character is none other than Ms. Sally Huong, and the date of YEP 2022 is also the birthday of the CEO.

The organizers prepared each gift box one after the other, surprise after surprise. Each gift is a happy birthday clip from family, the Sally Beauty team, and a former employee of Ms. Sally Huong.

For the Sally Beauty team, she is an excellent leader who guides and encourages employees to become good people and advance in their careers. This birthday party is also an appropriate time for Sally Beauty's team to send sincere and deep thanks to CEO Sally Huong.

With the mission of outstanding development in the beauty industry, Sally Beauty always brings customers effective beauty products and supports customers and partners from the heart. 

Sincerely thank customers for trusting and accompanying Sally Beauty in 2022. Happy, prosperous, and prosperous 2023 to all Sally Beauty employees, partners, and customers!